If you’re visiting this website, you are probably thinking about personal change.

Maybe you are motivated to understand and develop yourself. Maybe it’s time to confront unwanted behaviors or painful memories that continue to influence you. Or, maybe the rules by which you’ve lived your life have changed and you aren’t sure which direction to take.

Psychotherapy is a period of guided self-examination in the presence of a trustworthy and impartial witness. Because many mental and emotional problems are created by avoiding painful experience, psychotherapy is a powerful modality for healing and personal growth.

Ultimately, psychotherapy is an investment that can help you to:

  • Consciously navigate transitions

  • Confront personal blocks and avoidance

  • Transform pain and trauma into personal strength

  • Understand behavior patterns

  • Develop clarity and calmness

  • Build resilience

  • Maintain mental wellness through the ups and downs of life